KAYS News and Updates

My Big Cartel shop is currently closed. Thank you all for the great restock!
I will have the new colors at Ninjapolish.com soon.
And im sorry for the lack of post lately.I had taken a short break to experiement with some new colors.I may have them released next month. Ill have to see how that goes. But for now im working on getting the new colors to Ninja. Those will be Ecstatica,Wicked Lovely and Cosmic dust, and maybe Dreamsicle.

Just a little update. Masquerade wont be making the big Cartel shop opening. It sold out before I could get it photographed. I have a lot of family that love that color!
But there is still stock at ninjapolish.com. Achene lime wont be at the restock either. But ninjapolish.com also has stock of that. Ecstatica, one of the new colors,
is also sold out.

I also wont be taking anymore pre-orders for Catching Fire or Up In Flames. I do plan on having another batch made of Ecstatica very soon.

I will open my big cartel shop on May 31 at 8:00 pm central. Sorry its been awhile since I posted. I had a terrible nail accident. 😦

I will have restocked.
Catching Fire
Up In Flames
Achene Lime
Moon Beams
Wicked Lovely
Cosmic Dust

An I will have mini bottles! YAY! Remember Catching Fire is very limited quantity! And so is up in flames!(catching fire with larger gold squares)

Im currently restocking and hope to have my Big Cartel shop stocked and open soon.

Price Drops:I have found a cheaper base supplier and the price of polishes will drop to 10.00. Except for a few polishes that are still more pricey to create. You can find the lower priced polishes at ninjapolish.com and will also on my website as soon as it is stocked.

What I will have stocked:
Catching Fire will be back but in limited quantity and for a limited time.
Also Up In Flames will be available for this restock only.
Masquerade will be restocked.
Achene Lime will be restocked.
I wont be restocking Lolita this time around but no worries there is plenty over at Ninjapolish.com for now.
Sunstorm is going into the vault,but there is still stock at Ninjapolish.com as well.
Moon Beams will be restocked.
Twinkle will not be restocked this time around but Ninjapolish still has stock.
New Colors:
Wicked Lovely
Cosmic Dust
Will all be stocked. Dreamsicle will be in very limited quantity this time around because of base shortage.

I don’t know if I will have time to get swatches posted of the new colors before I restock but I will try.  I will have a new update in a few days and let you know when the restock will be.

Hello! Catching Fire is back for a limited time, along with its amped up sister polish, Up In Flames. Up in flames is just Catching Fire with large square gold glitters in it.

Also I’d like to apologize for lack of post. My computer is on its death bed and I’m trying to get my husband to either
A: Fix it
B: Get me a new one

I vote A. But he’s really busy. 😦
I’m currently working from my tablet and these things are a PAIN to blog from.

I have some new colors coming out next month. I can’t wait! I’m like a kid at Christmas and I really want to show everyone now! I almost did a sneak peak a few days ago. Luckily my computer was down and it stopped me.


The Ninja Polish launch went Awesome! Thank you all for your support and kind words. I can’t wait to see all those beautiful fingernails!

Catching Fire was my favorite polish of ALL TIME, so seeing it be put into the polish vault was really hard. I’m working really hard on finding the gold flakes for that again. I have a few leads but don’t want to get to excited till I try them out.

Also Sun storm will be going into the polish vault next month. Once it sells out at Ninja Polish its gone. It wasn’t really by choice. My supplier stopped supplying what I needed for it,so it was change the formula or let it go. I chose to let it go because the newer formula didn’t have as much depth and I just didn’t love it.

To the mini bottles giveaway winners
Your mini bottles will be shipped to you at my next restock. If I did not email you then you are getting yours. I will try my best to get you the colors you want.


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