New Colors!

Happy Friday!
I wanted to show you all the new colors that will be at the May 31st restock.
But first I want to say thanks to Cristina at LTHP for her amazing blog! Because without that I wouldn’t have such pretty pictures to show you!

First off is Wicked Lovely

Cosmic Dust

And Ecstatica

Dreamsicle will be at the restock also.


About kayspolish

I'm just your average overly creative girl. I'm always creating,painting,drawing, or doing one of those " crazy things" as my sister would say. I'm a big do it yourself type, and that's how I came about creating nail polish.
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6 Responses to New Colors!

  1. everysensory says:

    They are STUNNING, Kay! I really love Wicked Lovely – does that green duochrome hint show up? I’ll be hanging out till the 31st, now! 😀

  2. HD says:

    Love that Wicked Lovely color. I even love the name!

  3. offtherecord says:

    I love the Wicked Lovely colour too. It’s gorgeous x

  4. Lori says:

    Gorgeous colors!

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